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New Mexico, Colorado, & Southern California
Managed IT Services

Do You Spend Too Much Time Concerned About Your IT and Cybersecurity?

Kosh Solutions protects SMBs from West TX, NM, CO, and Orange County with proactive Cybersecurity, Microsoft, and Fully Managed IT solutions. Let our robust technical team provide you with peace of mind.

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Industry Leaders Rely On Our Managed IT Services Across the United States and Canada with a focus in New Mexico, El Paso, Durango, Orange County, CA, and Toronto.

Picture of Lonnie. Kosh solutions IT management testimonial - banking category


President / Chief Operating Officer

7 years ago, Josh Fristoe, co-owner of Kosh, ensured a transition without disruption from our previous provider.


Now 7 years down the road, Kosh maintains the same level of commitment to our relationship.


Kosh delivers personalized service, responsiveness, willingness to be onsite, and is always available to answer questions and engage with our team.

Dawn, CEO of nonprofit. Kosh solutions managed it services testimonial


CEO of non-profit

Even during these difficult times, Kosh makes us feel like a priority.


The pandemic came down on us forcing our technology needs to dramatically shift. Kosh had the expertise to move 50+ employees to work from their homes so we could still provide vital services to our customers.

Tabatha Kosh solutions customer IT services testimonial


General Manager of Property Management Group

Kosh responds quickly to our technical issues.

We have a monthly contract with Kosh which enables me to work worry free. I know when a problem arises Kosh will handle it! It’s so nice to submit a ticket and know that our issue will be resolved in a timely manner. I don’t know how companies survive without an IT company! We are very fortunate to have Kosh as part of our team.

Kosh Solutins onboarding and cybersecurity training

Kosh Solutions By The Numbers

Superior Managed IT Services

1.7 Minutes

Response & Triage
Received your request &
placed it in the queue.

1.47 Hours

Issue Resolved
Average time for a technician to fix your issue.

372 Daily 

Reactive & Proactive Tickets
Number of tickets created by humans & machines resolved daily.

98.7 CSAT

Customer Satisfaction
Average score our customers rate our service.

We may not be able to predict exactly how technology will disrupt your industry, but we know it will!

Kosh’s team of IT professional are constantly on the lookout for ways technology can provide resilience in your company. As your Managed Service Provider, we want to help you be like Netflix, not Blockbuster.

Our IT Managed Services from Albuquerque to Irvine to Toronto

Everything your company needs from managed IT services for a reliable modern work environment.

Kosh Solutions has been a Microsoft partner since 2005. We support your Microsoft products and make sure you are getting the most out of the licenses you already pay for! 

Microsoft products are an essential part of business for virtually all organizations, so you should have an expert in your corner to help ensure these critical tools are working properly. 


Kosh is able to manage modern Microsoft environments for local and distributed workforces.


Headquarters in Albuquerque, offices in Austin, Durango, and Irvine, with remote staff in Toronto and Bangkok...we've got you covered! 

Kosh Solutions has the in-house expertise to guide your organization toward better protection and obtaining cyber insurance. 

Viruses, malware, and ransomware are all threats that require round the clock monitoring. 90%+ of cyber breaches are due to human failure - i.e., clicking phishing emails! Part of our cybersecurity offering is educating your staff how to be safe in this threat filled environment.

With over 15 years of experience, we've seen the importance of taking cyber security seriously. 

It takes much more than a click of a button or a piece of software to keep your business protected.

Kosh becomes your strategic technology partner. This is the complete package! We support all aspects of your technology.

Kosh provides support for your staff. We manage your networking equipment, servers, backups, and more! Perhaps most importantly, we bring a wealth of experience to keep your business safe from cybersecurity threats.

Discover the efficiency of our IT Helpdesk, where our skilled technicians are committed to providing fast solutions.

Kosh Solutions is your partner in safeguarding your business against unforeseen disruptions.


With our expertise in disaster recovery and business continuity, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs.


We understand the importance of reliable backup systems. Our team of experienced professionals designs and implements automated backup solutions for both on-premise and cloud data. We manage your backup architecture as part of our Managed IT Services, ensuring its resilience and readiness in the event of a cyber-attack.

By choosing Kosh Solutions, you can focus on your core business priorities while we handle the critical task of protecting your data and ensuring business continuity. Contact us today for a free IT Roadmap Assessment and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is in safe hands.

Learn more about Backups and Disaster Recovery in our blog.

Unlock Cost Savings and Flexibility by renting laptops, workstations, firewalls, and switches instead of buying outright.

Say goodbye to hefty upfront investments. Renting means reduced capital expenditure and predictable monthly expenses.

Maintenance Included! 


Enjoy worry-free IT with maintenance and support included. We handle repairs, upgrades, and troubleshooting, freeing up your time and resources.

Adapt to changing needs effortlessly. Easily scale your hardware as your business grows, ensuring you always have access to the latest technology without overinvesting.

Focus on what matters most—your business. With reduced downtime, expert support, and optimized IT resources, enhance productivity and innovation.


Contact us today to learn more about Kosh Hardware as a Service and discover a hassle-free approach to IT hardware.

Network Management

We recognize the critical role of a robust network infrastructure in driving business success. With our laser focus on network management, we offer tailored solutions to ensure your network becomes a strategic asset, empowering your organization to thrive in today's digitally connected world.

From design to deployment and maintenance, we provide end-to-end solutions to optimize your network's performance and reliability.

Stay ahead of the curve with our cloud-based Network Monitoring services.


Benefit from our expertise in a wide range of network applications. Whether it's choosing the best applications for your business or integrating them seamlessly with your network infrastructure, our team ensures optimal performance and efficiency.

Gain valuable insights into your network health and performance with our advanced data analysis capabilities.

Discover the power of a strong, reliable network with Kosh Solutions.

IT Industry and Business Awards

Kosh fastest growing in New Mexico 2023 award.
Kosh Best Places to Work award 2022
Kosh MSP 501 award 2023
Kosh Family friendly Business award 2023
Kosh CRS MSP 500 award 2023
Channel Futures #1 MSP in NM 2023 award.

Technology Partners Delivering Exceptional Managed IT Services

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Resolution Times That Exceed Expectations from Kosh's IT Services.

IT Resources and Content For Small and Medium Sized Businesses

FAQs About IT Services


What does Kosh Solutions do?

In short, Kosh manages your organization's technology. 
We know that fast response time to an IT issue is the #1 requirement of every business. Kosh Solution’s WorkPlace 30/30 is designed to deliver the best customer experience possible for both you and your clients. Whether you have a standard or emergency request, we activate within 30-minutes to get you back on track. Every month, we execute 30 touch-points across your systems to ensure optimum business continuity. Workplace 30/30 uses time as the foundation and the lever to drive maximum impact on your company’s business efficiency, stability and growth.

We managed your technology environment. From networking to computer/laptops to cybersecurity! We provide onsite and remote support.

Does Kosh provide IT consulting services?

We absolutely provide IT (Technical and Technology) Consulting Services for our customers that have a contract with us. We will consider one-time consulting services depending on the need of the customer requesting the services.


For example, we recently provided a major audit and consult for a municipality. If Kosh is not the right company to consult for your organization's needs, we will gladly help you find a reputable Technology Consultant.

How much does IT management services cost?

As you can imagine there are many factors that will affect your monthly bill but in general Kosh charges based on the number of users your organization has. Other items that contribute to the cost are number of servers, firewalls, switches, and Microsoft licensing needs. It really is best to speak with one of our sales staff to get a more accurate and detailed quote.

Here's an article about average pricing for IT services: The Average Cost of IT Services for Small Businesses (

What technology and managed services does Kosh provide?

Beyond monthly technology services, we provide:

Kosh has expertise in virtually all areas of business technology, so feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have!

Is Kosh in my area?

We provide remote and onsite IT service primarily to the Southwestern United States. However, we have customers from Toronto to El Paso to Irvine!

Our amazing staff is located in New Mexico, Southern Colorado, and Orange County, CA. We have remote staff in Canada.

If we are not able to provide the service you require, we are able to recommend excellent managed services through our TrustX Partners.

What industries does Kosh work with?

We work with a wide range of industries. Here is a partial list:

Industries we typically do not work with are (though there are always exceptions!):

  • Hotels

  • Hospitality

  • Retail


What is the onboarding process like?

There are four basic steps:

  1. Discovery: we talk with you about your unique organizational needs and how Kosh can support your goals.

  2. Signing the Agreement: talk through all the details of what to expect from Kosh and the monthly cost.

  3. Planning: we prepare and layout the onboarding project so that everyone is on the same page.

  4. Project execution: our design and project team get to work!

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