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IT disaster recovery and business continuity

Downtime is a costly experience for any business.

Get prepared with Kosh Solutions.

Prevent data loss and down time

Kosh's team of highly experienced design engineers have vetted and assembled an IT architecture that delivers best-in-class disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

Embrace brilliant, stress-free IT defense

Get an easy, automated, and reliable backup solution for safeguarding your crucial on-premise and cloud-hosted data.

As part of our Managed IT Services offering, Kosh has designed a robust backup architecture that is resilient and ready in the event of a cyber-attack.

We handle:

  • the hardware

  • Veeam licensing (backup software)

  • Azure repository

  • deployment across your IT environment

  • continuous backup monitoring

  • backup audits and testing

With Kosh's backup solution in place, recovering from a data breach or ransomware goes from disaster to a manageable issue.


For businesses and organizations that require fast recovery, we leverage our relationship with tried-and-true enterprise-class companies that specialize in disaster recovery.

Experience Kosh Solutions first hand. 

Why Choose Kosh Solutions?

Kosh's comprehensive backup and IT disaster recovery keeps your valuable data, documents, and emails protected.

Protection for all data, any device, any time, & anywhere

Whether your working from a laptop, a workstation, at the office, at home, or on the road, Kosh's backup solution has your business covered.

Consistent automated backups

Kosh setups up the hardware and software to automatically backup your data according to industry best practices.

Monitored and managed in-house

Kosh keeps an eye on your backups via automated alerts and regular audits performed by our experienced technicians. We never outsource these important tasks.


Experience Kosh Solutions first hand. 



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