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IT Roadmap for Businesses

Complex Technology Solved with Managed IT Services

Simplify your company's IT down to an easy-to-understand map.  Kosh Solutions' IT Roadmap is a perfect place to start or re-assess your current technology situation.

Kosh Solutions provides this service free of charge and with no obligation! All that's required is your business email (no phone call). You can choose to either fill out the roadmap on your own or you can schedule time with Kosh to work through the questions with you. The Kosh Solutions IT Roadmap delivers an actionable technology plan for your organization.

No Surprises:
Watch an Example of an IT Roadmap Meeting

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What does the Kosh Solutions IT Roadmap include?

The Kosh IT Roadmap was created by our team of design engineers to quickly assess the state of a business' technology and then provide an actionable order of next steps.

At a high level, the IT Roadmap covers eight areas of your business:

Two Ways to Access Your IT Roadmap

1. Email

Kosh developed a fillable form that takes you through the eight elements. After filling out the form, Kosh will offer unique recommendations based on your answers.

All of this is handled via email - no sales call. This is a service and a tool provided for free to help local and regional businesses get a handle on their IT. Fill out the form below to get started.

2. Meeting

For businesses with more than 15+ employees, we offer virtual or in-person meetings to walk through the IT Roadmap with you. 

  • These are non-sales meetings.

  • Meetings typically take 20-45 minutes.

Fill out the form to get started.

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The information contained in this communication is intended for limited use for informational purposes only. It is not considered professional advice, and instead, is general information that may or may not apply to specific situations. Each case is unique and should be evaluated on its own by a professional qualified to provide advice specifically intended to protect your individual situation. Kosh is not liable for improper use of this information.

FAQ About IT Services

1 / Do I have to buy something?

The IT Roadmap is NOT a sales call. This is a free and obligation free service we provide to support our local business community. Of course, we hope you remember us when you need technology support and services.

2 / How long does the IT Roadmap take?

Typically these meetings take up to 30 minutes, depending on complexity and questions that arise.

3 / What do I get from sitting through an IT Roadmap?

We strive to give every participant expert advice and guidance when it comes to understanding your current and future IT needs.

You will get custom recommendations as well as a chance to ask questions that you may have been wondering about.

3 / I already have an IT team, would this still be useful?

Yes! This IT Roadmap is like getting a second opinion or a second set of eyes on your technology. Many participants have found this very useful!

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