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Innovative Transparency

Easily see the number of tickets and how fast we are resolving them.

Get clear IT service with Kosh Solutions.

Proving the work we do for you

Every customer gets a personalized dashboard so they can see the how Kosh is working for them.

Don't be in the dark when it comes to your IT support

With the click of a button see the value Kosh is providing.

As part of our Managed IT Services offering, Kosh provides a real-time dashboard. The dashboard shows key performance data so decision makers can see what Kosh is doing. The dashboard shows high-level information as well as allows decision makers to be able to easily drill down to more granular data.

The dashboard provides the following areas of insight:

  • Response and Triage = the average speed Kosh initially responds to your tickets.

  • Technician Assignment and Troubleshooting = the average time it takes for one of our technicians to begin addressing your issue.

  • Reactive Tickets = the number of tickets your staff have put in over the past month.

  • Proactive Tickets = the number of tickets Kosh has worked behind the scenes to keep your IT environment in tip-top shape.

  • Time Per Endpoint = on average the number of hours Kosh is working on each of your company's endpoints (devices)

  • Tickets Per Endpoint = on average the number of tickets each of your company's endpoints (devices) generate.

  • Average Time to Resolution = the average amount of time takes to resolve each ticket.

Experience Kosh Solutions first hand. 

How does the dashboard help you?

Every MSP says they perform a wide range of services, but with our dashboard you can see exactly what we are doing for your company. Transparency helps keep the partnership relationship both honest and fruitful.

Identify Problematic Hardware/Software

With the dashboard we can help identify hardware and software that is generating more tickets, which means it is probably a drag on your staff's efficiency.

Find Struggling Staff

We can identify members of your staff that submit more tickets than your average employee. If a particular employee is spending a significant amount of time dealing with technical issues, then we need to address the problem to get them back to work on their primary job function.

Feel Confident In The Service You Are Paying  For

As a decision maker, being able to see the work and value Kosh is providing can give you some peace of mind that you are receiving fantastic value.


Experience Kosh Solutions first hand. 

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