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Durango, CO
Managed IT Services for Durango & Southwestern CO

Durango enterprises find tranquility through Kosh Solutions' proactive IT services, supported by our reliable technical team.

Embrace the majestic mountains and snow while we manage your technology! 

IT Support in Durango, Colorado

With envious outdoor attractions and a charming town atmosphere, businesses and talented people are continually making the decision to call Durango home. We are in a very competitive environment and having fantastic tech support ensures your business will stay ahead of the curve.

Downtime caused by technology problems amount to more than just a frustrated morning but means revenue loss. Downtime can happen for a wide variety of reasons such as unstable networks, printer problems, forgotten passwords, and, crashed servers. Kosh Solutions is here in Durango to support the tech you rely on to operate and grow your business.

With Kosh, you gain instant access to our team of specialists. We have decades of expertise in all areas of technology including backups & disaster recovery, Microsoft, cybersecurity, and cloud architecture.

We're proud to offer end user support in both English and Spanish! 

For more information regarding IT services and pricing contact us for no obligation quotes.


Numbers Showing Why Kosh Solutions is a top Managed IT Service Provider in Durango

1.7 Minutes

Response & Triage
Our staff evaluated your request & placed it in the queue.

1.47 Hours

Issue Resolved
Average time for a technician to fix your issue.

372 Daily

Reactive & Proactive Tickets
Number of tickets created by humans & machines resolved daily.

98.7 CSAT

Customer Satisfaction
Average score our customers rate our service.

150 Rock Point Drive Unit C
Durango, CO 81301

Onsite IT Support for
Durango & La Plata County

As a local Durango IT provider, Kosh has technicians ready to dispatch to resolve your technical problems fast! Kosh Solutions emphasizes customer service and is committed to providing exceptional managed IT services for Durango and the surrounding areas. We're ready to troubleshoot any technical issues that require a technician to go to your location.

Our technical team is ready to take lead on everything from firewall installation to Microsoft issues. We support on-premise servers and networking equipment.

Maximizing uptime
Our industry-leading 30-point checklist gives us the insight to proactively repair and responds to issues and threats before they become major problems that affect your productivity. 

Technician Frank looking serious. The text reads: Cybersecurity checklist.

Free Durango Cybersecurity Self Assessment

This is the checklist we use to perform security audits. Use this valuable document to reality check your IT security and operational maturity. 

Managed IT Services in Durango
To Take On Any Challenge

Local IT Support for La Plata County Businesses

Kosh cybersecurity logo on the Durango page.
Kosh Microsoft service logo on the Durango page.
Kosh managed IT service logo on the Durango page.

Cybersecurity in

Kosh Solutions has the expertise to guide your organization toward better cybersecurity protection.

Viruses, malware, and ransomware never sleep, and it takes 24/7 vigilance to keep them at bay.

90%+ data breaches come from human failure - i.e., clicking phishing emails! Kosh educates your staff about how to navigate this threat filled environment. Awareness and education are two of the best ways to defend against these threats.

Cybersecurity requires 24/7/365 effort!

Here're some FREE resources: Free Cybersecurity Resources (small & medium businesses)

Microsoft Support in

Kosh Solutions has been a Microsoft partner since 2005. We help streamline and support your Microsoft products. We are your partner to make sure you're getting the correct licensing and getting the most value out of the licenses you pay for! 

Everything from Microsoft Excel to Teams to the Microsoft cloud these are essential parts of business for virtually all organizations. More often than not, Microsoft products foster collaboration and efficiency. But as we all know, sometimes it doesn't work that way and that is where Kosh can be a valuable partner!

Learn more about our Durango Microsoft Services.

Full IT Support in ​

Kosh becomes your strategic technology partner and we support all aspects of your technology. This is the complete package!

With decades of best practices and knowledge, we work to keep your business safe from cybersecurity threats and running with minimal downtime.

Kosh provides local support for your staff. We manage your networking equipment, servers, and backups. We proactively monitor your systems.

Find out more about our Durango managed IT services.

Durango Testimonials

Business leaders rely on Kosh's Managed IT Services in Durango.

Lonnie Kosh Durango managed IT service testimonial


President / Chief Operating Officer

7 years ago, Josh Fristoe, co-owner of Kosh, ensured a transition without disruption from our previous provider.


Now 7 years down the road, Kosh maintains the same level of commitment to our relationship.


Kosh delivers personalized service, responsiveness, willingness to be onsite, and is always available to answer questions and engage with our team.

Dawn Kosh Durango managed IT service testimonial


CEO of Non-Profit

Even during these difficult times, Kosh makes us feel like a priority.


The pandemic came down on us forcing our technology needs to dramatically shift. Kosh had the expertise to move 50+ employees to work from their homes so we could still provide vital services to our customers.

Matt Kosh Durango managed IT service testimonial


Director of IT at Payroll Services Company

In our business we place a high level of trust and reliance in our Information Technology and Network Managed Services Provider.

For the last 9 years, the team at Kosh Solutions has provided consistent, responsive, and timely service. Any of our 21 staff members here at our Durango based payroll services company can open a ticket and within 30 minutes we get a friendly, knowledgeable IT professional to help. Kosh Solutions provides us with the best in technology along with solid peace of mind.

Technology Partners Dedicated to 5-Star IT Managed Services in Durango

  • What does Kosh do?
    In short, Kosh manages your organization's technology. We know that fast response time to an IT issue is the #1 requirement of every business. Kosh Solution’s WorkPlace 30/30 is designed to deliver the best customer experience possible for both you and your clients. Whether you have a standard or emergency request, we activate within 30-minutes to get you back on track. Every month, we execute 30 touch-points across your systems to ensure optimum business continuity. Workplace 30/30 uses time as the foundation and the lever to drive maximum impact on your company’s business efficiency, stability and growth.
  • How much does Kosh cost?
    As you can imagine there are many factors that will affect your monthly bill but in general Kosh charges based on the number of users your organization has. Other items that contribute to the cost are number of servers, firewalls, switches, and Microsoft licensing needs. It really is best to speak with one of our sales staff to get a more accurate and detailed quote.
  • What technology and managed services does Kosh provide?
    Beyond monthly technology services, we provide: HaaS (Hardware as a Service), our hardware subscription product Echo, our backups and Disaster Recovery product Kosh Cloud, our private cloud infrastructure Helpdesk, our product for MSPs who want to outsource their helpdesk Cybersecurity services (end user training, monitoring, backups and disaster recovery) Microsoft licensing and support Kosh has expertise in virtually all areas of business technology, so feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have!
  • Is Kosh in my area?
    We provide remote and onsite IT service primarily to the Southwestern United States. Our amazing staff is located in New Mexico, Southern Colorado, and Orange County, CA. If we do not service your area, we are able to recommend excellent managed services through our TrustX Partners.
  • What is the onboarding process like?
    There are four basic steps: 1) Discovery: we talk with you about your unique organizational needs and how Kosh can support your goals. 2) Signing the Agreement: talk through all the details of what to expect from Kosh and the monthly cost. 3) Planning: we prepare and layout the onboarding project so that everyone is on the same page. 4) Project execution: our design and project team get to work!
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