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IT Services for Construction Companies

Elevate your construction enterprise with dependable IT solutions from Kosh Solutions!

You have enough to take care of; we'll handle the technology.

Operating a Drone

Technology is Critical to Your Construction Business' Foundation

Kosh has seen the pivotal role a reliable IT partner plays in construction in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and across our service areas. Many construction companies have felt the challenges of unreliable IT, grappling with how to meet project deadlines effectively when technology is letting them down. At Kosh Solutions, having encountered similar sentiments from various firms, we empathize with the need for a resilient IT infrastructure. Through our collaborative efforts, we've found that IT solutions can be a game changer! 


After onboarding, construction companies have felt the assurance that their systems run smoothly, enabling them to concentrate on delivering outstanding projects without the worry of missed deadlines.

Boost Operational Efficiency and Productivity for Your Construction Firm with Our Customized IT Solutions

Investing in properly managed IT Services is no longer an option.

Ensuring Network Security

When you're bidding on projects, the last thing you want is a system crash or a case of malware! Let us assist you in safeguarding your crucial information to ensure it remains secure. We have in-house security experts as well as partner with industry leading vendors to deliver enterprise-class cybersecurity for your construction business. 

Providing Expert Attention to Your IT Needs

Recognizing the significance of construction software like AutoCad, Procore, and Sage, we've undertaken the necessary measures to understand these line of business products you rely on.

Enhancing IT Tools & Applications

Keeping your critical core applications up-to-date is our responsibility! Eliminate concerns about the functionality of your programs when facing tight deadlines—we've got you covered!

Streamlining IT Operations

Our managed services are designed to simplify your business operations, enhance system efficiency, and equip your employees with the necessary tools to complete their tasks effectively! Helpdesk, Network Management, Cybersecurity, Backups and Disaster Recovery all under one roof.

Don't get caught in construction's notoriously slow adoption of technology! 

A study by Deloitte found that even though productivity across all industries has risen 25% over the past 25 years, productivity within the construction industry has risen only 5% during that same time frame.

Let's work together to position your business to adopt technology that makes the most sense to your bottom line.

Owner and CPA Nestor is in the picture next to his testimonial.

Owner/CPA Payroll Services

Kosh is not just our vendor, they are our partner.

This partnership has evolved as a result of Kosh's ability to think outside the box and help us develop innovative solutions for our company and clients. At their core, Kosh desires to always offer best-in-class service.

Technician Gerald standing in front of a Kosh car.

Cybersecurity for Construction Companies

Kosh recommends our free cybersecurity assessment as the first step in strengthening your digital environment. This assessment is offered at no cost as part of our dedication to improving the local business community. To access the evaluation, click on the link below and provide basic information. You can choose to conduct a self-assessment or reach out to us, and we'll assist you in navigating through the assessment process.

Whether in construction or technology, foundations are the beginning of anything worth building.

Within our Managed IT Services package, Kosh offers a real-time dashboard, providing decision-makers with valuable insights into our operations. This dashboard offers a comprehensive view of our performance, from high-level information to the ability for decision-makers to delve into more detailed data.

The dashboard delivers the following areas of insight:

  1. Response and Triage: This displays the average speed at which Kosh responds to your support requests.

  2. Technician Assignment and Troubleshooting: It reveals the average time it takes for our technicians to start addressing your issues.

  3. Reactive Tickets: This indicates the number of support tickets your staff has submitted over the past month.

  4. Proactive Tickets: It reflects the number of tickets Kosh has proactively handled to maintain your IT environment.

  5. Time Per Endpoint: On average, it shows the number of hours Kosh spends on each of your company's endpoints (devices).

  6. Tickets Per Endpoint: It reveals, on average, the number of support tickets generated by each of your company's endpoints (devices).

  7. Average Time to Resolution: This represents the average time it takes to resolve each support ticket.

You have questions about our IT Services for Construction Firms, we have answers.


  • What does Kosh do?
    In short, Kosh manages your organization's technology. We know that fast response time to an IT issue is the #1 requirement of every business. Kosh Solution’s WorkPlace 30/30 is designed to deliver the best customer experience possible for both you and your clients. Whether you have a standard or emergency request, we activate within 30-minutes to get you back on track. Every month, we execute 30 touch-points across your systems to ensure optimum business continuity. Workplace 30/30 uses time as the foundation and the lever to drive maximum impact on your company’s business efficiency, stability and growth.
  • How much does Kosh cost?
    As you can imagine there are many factors that will affect your monthly bill but in general Kosh charges based on the number of users your organization has. Other items that contribute to the cost are number of servers, firewalls, switches, and Microsoft licensing needs. It really is best to speak with one of our sales staff to get a more accurate and detailed quote.
  • What technology and managed services does Kosh provide?
    Beyond monthly technology services, we provide: HaaS (Hardware as a Service), our hardware subscription product Echo, our backups and Disaster Recovery product Kosh Cloud, our private cloud infrastructure Helpdesk, our product for MSPs who want to outsource their helpdesk Cybersecurity services (end user training, monitoring, backups and disaster recovery) Microsoft licensing and support Kosh has expertise in virtually all areas of business technology, so feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have!
  • Is Kosh in my area?
    We provide remote and onsite IT service primarily to the Southwestern United States. Our amazing staff is located in New Mexico, Southern Colorado, and Orange County, CA. If we do not service your area, we are able to recommend excellent managed services through our TrustX Partners.
  • What is the onboarding process like?
    There are four basic steps: 1) Discovery: we talk with you about your unique organizational needs and how Kosh can support your goals. 2) Signing the Agreement: talk through all the details of what to expect from Kosh and the monthly cost. 3) Planning: we prepare and layout the onboarding project so that everyone is on the same page. 4) Project execution: our design and project team get to work!

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