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A team of fast & reliable IT experts transform your business technology  experience.

If you are reading this, it's time to have a chat about Managed IT Support and Services.

According to Channel Futures, an independently audited award,

Kosh Solutions is a top MSP in the Mountain States Region!

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How to choose the best managed IT services partner?

There're many reasons SMBs find partnering with a managed IT service provider saves them a lot of money and headaches. But sometimes finding the right managed IT services partner is tricky. There are many considerations to juggle when looking into changing to a new managed IT service provider. Here are a few things to consider:

  • What's your current IT situation?

  • What specific issues are you having that you plan to solve by changing to a new IT support company?

  • Is what you're currently spending on IT support a realistic number to partner with a better IT service provider? How can your budget realistically be adjusted?

  • When comparing quotes from local IT service companies, remember price isn't everything. Think of your own industry and how the mix of price, product, services, and people all contribute to the overall experience of your customers.

Partnering with a new managed IT company is like hiring a C-suite position - there's a lot to consider! ​

Kosh Solutions is more than happy to discuss your options and provide a no-obligation quote for you.

Call us at: 888-979-5674

Is Technology Supporting Your Business Goals?

Frequent downtime, network outages, application issues, server crashes, data loss, constantly lost passwords, cybersecurity breaches and threats, printer problems! If that list looks familiar, it's time to partner with an industry-leading Managed IT Service Provider like Kosh.

It may be that your current "IT Guy" has just not kept up with your business. Or your current MSP has not held up their end of the bargain. Whatever the case, your technology is not doing you any favors and it should be one of the business levers you can pull to increase the value of what you bring to your customers! 

When you partner with Kosh your organization instantly adds technical expertise in networking, backups, cybersecurity, cloud architecture, and more! Not least of all, you now have a helpdesk ready to assist all your employees.

With your assigned design engineer, you work through the technical "what if's" and put together an IT roadmap that positions your company to thrive with technology rather than fight it.

If you got this far, it's time to get in touch to learn more with a no-sales-pitch call or email. Every managed IT service provider is different, so we're here to answer your questions to see if we are a fit or not.

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How Kosh Managed IT Services Work

Our Signature 3-Step Cyclical Process Covers Your Unique  Needs.

Stand-Up Meeting

1. Design Your IT Solution

This is the high level strategic planning stage. Your decision makers will discuss business needs and goals with a design engineer. Kosh's design engineer is now your IT specialist who understands your business and will advise on the major technology decisions your business has to make.

Kosh provides a wealth of knowledge and technology architecture standards that keep tech working for you.

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2. Install Your Hardware and Software

Once the design stage is complete, it's time to implement your new technology plan. This always entails deployment of Kosh tools but may also include new hardware and software installs. This work typically takes place at your business locations and in the cloud or data center.

If your organization is not using Microsoft, this is when we will transition you over.

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3. Maintain Your Technology

Once your newly architected IT is in place, you are now being supported by our Customer Response Center (CRC). This is Kosh's US-based helpdesk. We answer your calls and emails and get one of our technicians to troubleshoot fast.

We also proactively monitor your IT environment to get ahead of issues before they become problems.

Part of our industry leading process is we prove our work with a live customer dashboard. This dashboard will show you in real-time all the work we are doing on your behalf!

You have questions,
we have answers.

Build a plan. Compare costs. No obligation.


Kosh solutions cybersecurity checklist

Free Cybersecurity Self Assessment

This is the checklist we use to perform security audits. Use this valuable document to self-assess your IT security and operational maturity. 


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President / Chief Operating Officer

7 years ago, Josh, co-owner of Kosh, ensured a transition without disruption from our previous provider.


Now 7 years down the road, Kosh maintains the same level of commitment to our relationship.


Kosh delivers personalized service, responsiveness, willingness to be onsite, and is always available to answer questions and engage with our team.

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CEO of non-profit

Even during these difficult times, Kosh makes us feel like a priority.


The pandemic came down on us forcing our technology needs to dramatically shift. Kosh had the expertise to move 50+ employees to work from their homes so we could still provide vital services to our customers.

Matt payrolldept Headshot sm.jpg


Director of IT at Payroll Services Company

In our business we place a high level of trust and reliance in our Information Technology and Network Managed Services Provider.

For the last 9 years, the team at Kosh Solutions has provided consistent, responsive, and timely service. Any of our 21 staff members here at our Durango based payroll services company can open a ticket and within 30 minutes we get a friendly, knowledgeable IT professional to help. Kosh Solutions provides us with the best in technology along with solid peace of mind.

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