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Kosh Solutions employee faces.

IT Services for New Mexico, Colorado, & Orange County.


Kosh Solutions' first location in Las Cruces

In the beginning

Kosh Solutions was founded in 2005 by Koert Council and Joshua Fristoe to provide quality computer and IT consulting services to an underserved market in Las Cruces, New Mexico. What started as two passionate professionals aiming to deliver superb customer service and incredible technical support to the local community grew to an organized team of IT experts within 6 months.


In 2012, Travis Alsup joined Kosh as CEO and has been instrumental in Kosh's focus on delivering industry leading services and growth.

Today, Kosh supports customers from "the Rockies to the ocean" with a presence in New Mexico, Southern Colorado, and Southern California.

Koert, cofounder of Kosh Solutions.

Koert Council

Koert was born and raised in southern New Mexico. After high school he obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering. Koert demonstrated his aptitude in this subject by graduating early - in just 3 years. During his college years, he interned at Lockheed Martin in San Jose. After college, Koert traveled around the country performing a variety of jobs, realizing that rather than being chained to a desk all day writing code, he particularly enjoyed helping people and the customer service interactions.

Josh Fristoe

Josh Fristoe

Joshua was also born and raised in southern New Mexico. After high school he obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in Applied Mathematics. During his tenure at college, Joshua was a Network Administrator where he started his career in IT support. This position gave Joshua valuable insight and experience with multi-location campus environments, Information Technology policy, and customer support.

Travis, CEO of Kosh Solutions.

Travis Alsup

Travis is an entrepreneur at heart and is passionate about working with others to create and grow businesses.


Growing up in New Mexico he received his undergraduate degree at New Mexico State University. After graduating he worked mainly in finance and moved to Seattle where he worked on a team at JPMorgan Chase during the acquisition of Washington Mutual. After Seattle he moved back to New Mexico with his wife and kids to create and manage the sales team at Kosh Solutions.


It was during this time that he was able to further his education at University of Lincoln Nebraska by getting his master’s in business administration with a specialization in finance. This education gave him a solid academic framework for real life business applications, management, and strategy. Having managed the sales team successfully and receiving multiple awards for fastest growing company, Travis was then promoted to CEO of Kosh Solutions.


Travis’ vision and corporate strategy has driven substantial growth and expansion at Kosh over the past few years. Kosh has won many other awards, including Business of the Year, Pioneer 250, Fastest Growing and Best Places to Work. Travis also believes in giving back where possible and has been volunteering as an enterprise advisor at Arrowhead Center in Las Cruces NM. This consists of weekly meetings with up-and-coming entrepreneurs and businesses in an advisory role.  With business, technology, and community as the driving passion for Travis, Kosh is looking at a bright future.


Graphic listing Kosh's awards from 2023.

Our Company Values

We believe that our internal company values reflect how we treat our customers.


A community working to create a happy place


Be better than your past self

Figure It Out

There is always an answer and a way


Do the right thing every time

Be Genuine

Be aware and honest with yourself and others 

Take Ownership

Be proud of your work and own your mistakes

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