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Get a handle on one of the biggest threats to your business.

If you're reading this, it's time to have a chat about our cybersecurity services.

According to Channel Futures, an independently audited award,

Kosh Solutions is a top Managed Service Provider in the Mountain States Region!

Kosh is best managed IT provider

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How to choose the best cyber security partner?

See our free cybersecurity guide for business decision makers:

There're many reasons SMBs need an experienced IT provider in their corner. There're plenty of scary cybersecurity statistics but what it comes down to is, are you taking appropriate steps to build up your security posture? Here're four key things to look for when choosing a cybersecurity partner.

  1. Experience: Has the IT company implemented security measures for companies like yours before? Have they ever dealt with a breach?

  2. Operational maturity: Does the IT security company have a process to develop your cybersecurity? Can the design engineer clearly articulate a path from your current technology state to a more mature security position that includes nuanced considerations of your business? Kosh has a free cybersecurity order of operations guide to help guide decision makers.

  3. Certifications: Does the managed IT service provider or "IT guy" have advanced cybersecurity certifications? 

  4. Depth of expertise: A cybersecurity company should also have resources for Disaster Recovery and Managed Detection and Response.

These are just some of the considerations when selecting a cybersecurity company to partner with.

We offer a formal cybersecurity assessment if you want to see where your technology currently sits. If you're ready to talk with Kosh about your cyber security, reach out!

Call us at: 888-979-5674

The Basics of Kosh Managed Cybersecurity Services

Investing in cybersecurity is no longer an option.


1. Architecture

From laptops to servers and firewalls, your technology needs to be built looking at all aspects of your business. Kosh Solutions' design engineers take the time to understand your unique business. Only with a complete picture of your company's current IT environment and needs, can our design engineer craft a technology architecture just right for you! The architecture is critical because it is the foundation that cybersecurity will be built upon. Building your technology strategy on a faulty architecture is a great way to invite cybercriminals into your network.

If you are unsure about your current architecture, it's time to get in touch to get it taken care of.

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2. Step-by-step Cyber Security Guidance

Once the designing and architecture stage is complete, Kosh provides you with clear guidance on what the most important cybersecurity investments are to make next. With Kosh you never have to wonder where to allocate your budget to next.


We're your IT consultant! Whether your company is just starting with MFA or ready for Managed Detection and Response (MDR) we know how to guide you on the path to a mature cybersecurity posture.

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3. Disaster Recovery

The next phase of cybersecurity is having disaster recovery in place. Disaster recovery is all about having the right architecture, technology, and processes in place to be able to recover as quickly as possible in the event of a security breach. 


Kosh has extensive expertise in advising and deploying disaster recovery plans for organizations of all sizes. Whether you need to be back up and running in minutes or days, Kosh has the right internal resources and external connections to meet your recovery goals.

What about cyber insurance?

Kosh does not sell cyber insurance. We are more than happy to recommend cyber insurance companies we know and trust. Like cyber security, cyber insurance is a complicated and constantly changing field. We highly recommend all businesses have cyber insurance. It does not matter the size of your company or what industry it is in, cyber criminals are hitting everybody. 


Typically, in order for a business to qualify for cyber insurance they must meet certain technical requirements. The requirements for obtaining cyber insurance vary from company to company. Kosh has a series of articles breaking down cyber insurance.

Is your cybersecurity operationalized?

Here is Kosh Solutions' cybersecurity order of operations. These nine security steps are listed in order of importance.

  1. Annual review of security plan

  2. Ensure all software and hardware are supported, patched, and up to date

  3. Implement complex passwords or passphrases

  4. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

  5. Ongoing user cybersecurity awareness training

  6. Antivirus fully deployed across the network

  7. Spam filtering and link protection

  8. Data encryption

  9. Managed detection and response

Kosh guides our customers through these nine steps to achieve great resilience in the face of increasing cyber threats.

If you're interested in learning more about improving your cyber security, please reach out.

Kosh Solutions is a local cybersecurity partner that understands your business.

Kosh managed cybersecurity

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Kosh solutions cybersecurity checklist

Free PDF Cybersecurity Checklist

This is the checklist we use to perform security audits. Get this valuable document email to you. With this cybersecurity assessment you can self-assess your IT security and operational maturity. 

Cybersecurity Training & Staff Assessments

Kosh offers ongoing cybersecurity training for your staff. Why? Because to stay secure, you need keep up with cybercriminals and their ever-changing tactics. This isn’t a one-and-done approach. Cyber-crimes are always adapting to the way we live and work, so we need to adapt to mitigate the risks. 


 Our approach mixes video training, with integrated tools that teach on the job.  This will help to address not only the variety of ways that people learn, but also the variety of ways that you can be targeted!  If you're interested in learning more about how you can work with our team to protect your business, let’s talk today!

Cybersecurity Articles & Education


The information contained in this communication is intended for limited use for informational purposes only. It is not considered professional advice, and instead, is general information that may or may not apply to specific situations. Each case is unique and should be evaluated on its own by a professional qualified to provide advice specifically intended to protect your individual situation. Kosh is not liable for improper use of this information.

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