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Types of IT support in Albuquerque

When businesses are looking for ways to manage their technology, one of the best ways is to look to local managed IT service providers. But it can be tricky knowing what to look for or what kind of service your business needs.

Broadly speaking, there are four types of IT support services: 1) Fully managed, 2) Cloud Architecture, 3) Cybersecurity, and 4) Backups & Disaster Recovery.

Not every company needs every service. Also, not every IT service provider offers the correct level of support your business may need. In this article, I look at the types of services and support that may be offered.

Fully managed IT support and service

"Fully managed" will mean something different to every company, but typically fully managed covers these basic areas of business technology:

  1. Network devices

    1. firewalls

    2. access points

    3. switches

    4. printers

    5. scanners

  2. Endpoints

    1. desktop computers

    2. laptops

    3. tablets

    4. phones

  3. Applications

    1. Line of business software

    2. Microsoft

    3. Email

  4. Servers

    1. On-premise

    2. Cloud

  5. Security

    1. Monitoring with antivirus

    2. Employee training

Every IT service company will provide varying levels of service depending on their in-house expertise and business focus. For example, some companies may provide private cloud options. Or some companies may not service printers or phones. Some companies may outsource their helpdesk while others have local staff.

One of the most obvious things an MSP (Managed Service Provider) can offer is a help desk (support desk). This is a number your staff can call to get help with all sorts of technical issues. This usually increases efficiency because your employees can get back to work faster than if they had to troubleshoot themselves or rely on vendor support.

What is the price for fully managed IT services in Albuquerque?

Typically, prices are based on the number of users your organization has. In the Albuquerque metro, we see prices between $75-$150 per user. The difference in prices comes from what services are offered in the package as well as the speed of service. As far as speed goes, as an example, Kosh Solutions answers your call, gets a technician on your issue in 30 minutes, and our average resolution time is within an hour and a half.

Managed Service Provider or Hire a Technician?

Some companies already have in-house IT and then they lean on an IT provider for additional services and help. But let's look at when it's a good idea to hire your own IT person or hire an MSP.

In our experience, you will need to pay about $63,000 per year for an IT tech with some credentials and experience (this includes salary and other costs). That works out to about $5,250 per month. Let's say you find an MSP that will cost $100 per user. That means if you have 52 or few employees, then hiring the MSP will be cheaper than your own IT person.

It's not all about cost! A single IT person would have a very difficult time supporting over 50 people. Also, as organizations grow in complexity so do their IT needs, which means you need more expertise in more areas of technology - that's difficult for a single IT person to manage.

Some key things Managed Service Providers typically do not do:

  • software development

  • app development

  • website maintenance, creation, and development

  • sell cyber insurance (checkout our articles on cyber insurance)

  • advanced cybersecurity

  • super fast guaranteed disaster recovery

If you are interested in Managed Services here in the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, or Santa Fe area, please reach out to get a no-obligation quote.

Be sure to include your name, name of company, and a good way to get in touch with you. Contact page

Phone: 505-796-5988

Cloud Architecture

The second type of IT support is in the Cloud. Businesses moving to the cloud is not a new thing but the technical skills required to build and manage a cloud architecture is a specialty, not all managed IT providers have. Building, transitioning, and maintaining a cloud environment can be a separate service.

What is a cloud architect?

A Cloud Architect develops a company’s computing strategy and is responsible for converting the technical requirements of a project into the architecture and design that will guide the final product.

Tasks include cloud adoption plans, cloud application design as well as cloud management and monitoring. Often, Cloud Architects are also responsible for bridging the gaps between complex business problems and solutions in the cloud. Additional responsibilities include support for application architecture and deployment in cloud environments.

When do you need to hire your Cloud Specialist?

If you have a complex technology environment that you're moving or building in the cloud, then absolutely you will want a Cloud Architect. Even

if you are simply moving a server or two to the cloud, then you will want a cloud specialist because strange things happen when you try to move data and processing around! Once your cloud environment is up and running, you will want a technician on your team that has extensive cloud experience but they do not have to be a "cloud architect".

Cybersecurity in Albuquerque

Some IT companies specialize in only providing cybersecurity services, but do you need that level of specialization or should you hire a company that services more than that?

I think the answer lies in your risk exposure. Is the cost of hiring a cybersecurity company going to be less than the cost of a potential breach? This can be very tricky to calculate! Check out our free (no email) Cybersecurity Breach Calculator to get a rough estimate.

Do you need a cybersecurity specialist or MSP?

Usually, there are a few areas of overlap between a cybersecurity company and a Managed IT Service Provider. I took a look at a local Albuquerque cybersecurity company and the services they provide:

  • Incident Response

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Penetration Testing

  • Managed Detection & Response

  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

  • Security Advisory Services

Managed Service Providers will cover some of the above services, but the company dedicated to cybersecurity will be better equipped to provide top-tier service. However, not every company needs top-tier cybersecurity because your risk, cost, or industry may not warrant it. Also, cyber insurance is a great way to mitigate risk. Check out our articles on cyber insurance to learn more!

Kosh offers a low-cost cybersecurity assessment that can help you make some critical decisions when it comes to your IT needs and budget.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

This is another area where an MSP offering full coverage will be able to provide adequate service for most companies, but if you have specialized demands due to your industry or increased risks, then a specialist company might be the better choice.

For example, Kosh Solutions provides backups and recovery for our customers. We monitor local and remote backups to ensure all our customers have recent backups in case of servers crashing, ransomware, natural disaster, or malicious activities. However, we have a customer in the banking sector that has increased recovery demands, so we partnered with All Connected, a disaster recovery specialist, to provide that level of support for our customers.

Advanced or specialized disaster recovery is for those businesses that can't tolerate any downtime. They need to be back up and running in minutes not hours or days! In these cases, I think seeking out a company that specializes in Backups and Disaster Recovery is the right choice.

Regardless of your business, YOU NEED BACKUPS and the backups need to be verified and tested.

If you are interested in Managed Services here in the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, or Santa Fe area, please reach out to get a no-obligation quote.

Be sure to include your name, name of company, and a good way to get in touch with you. Contact page

Phone: 505-796-5988


The information contained in this communication is intended for limited use for informational purposes only. It is not considered professional advice, and instead, is general information that may or may not apply to specific situations. Each case is unique and should be evaluated on its own by a professional qualified to provide advice specifically intended to protect your individual situation. Kosh is not liable for improper use of this information.


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