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Free Security Checklist that can save you money. 

2024 Cybersecurity Assessment

A professionally prepared 50+ question checklist that gives you a comprehensive understanding of your organization's security posture.

  • Get a 2nd set of eyes on your cybersecurity.

  • Understand where you're vulnerable.

  • Receive feedback from an IT professional.

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Fill out the form and we will send the checklist to your email.

You know cybersecurity is important but getting a complete picture of your status is challenging.

Keeping up with new online threats, user training, and cyber insurance is difficult for even the most sophisticated of organizations.

We hear from well-informed decision makers who struggle to answer basic questions around their IT and cybersecurity environment.

Man sitting at a computer with the word "security" floating above him.

You could be opening security holes & leaving money on the table.

The obvious consequence of not taking cybersecurity seriously is a breach or other security event that inflicts serious damage to your organization.

Something that many business decision makers don't know is that by implementing certain security measures they can actually lower their cybersecurity insurance bill.

A Free Security Checklist That Gets You and Your Team Up to Speed

Either self-evaluate or have a Kosh IT expert help you work through the Cybersecurity Assessment.


Our free assessment covers all major areas of your IT security environment.


At the end of the assessment, you have clarity regarding areas that are in good shape and areas that need improvement.


Choose to use our checklist to self-evaluate your cybersecurity or schedule a time to have one of our experts walk you through the process - not a sales call.

Face Against the Wall

No Need to Create Your Own Checklist

We have already put our time and experience into creating a useful checklist for virtually any organization.

You don't have to waste months developing your own checklist.

Working Together

2nd Set of Eyes on Your Security

We offer our expertise as a free valuable service to our local business community because we believe two things: 1) a healthy business environment is good for everyone and 2) offering a truly valuable free service will benefit Kosh.

This means you can take advantage of our free offer!

Statistic calculating

Potentially Lower Your Cyber Insurance Bill

We are seeing many insurance carriers require cybersecurity measures such as MFA. By identifying and implementing these measures your insurance premium could decrease.

Our Clients Say

Dawn headshot

Even during these difficult times, Kosh makes us feel like a priority.


The pandemic came down on us forcing our technology needs to dramatically shift. Kosh had the expertise to move 50+ employees to work from their homes so we could still provide vital services to our customers.

Dawn, CEO of non-profit


Comprehensive security questions for decision makers.

Can help with Cyber Insurance forms.

Fill out the form to access our PDF version of the assessment.



The information contained in this communication is intended for limited use for informational purposes only. It is not considered professional advice, and instead, is general information that may or may not apply to specific situations. Each case is unique and should be evaluated on its own by a professional qualified to provide advice specifically intended to protect your individual situation. Kosh is not liable for improper use of this information.

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