Mobile Solutions

Our purpose-built restaurant handheld POS devices help employees take orders and payments from anywhere within your operations. Leverage our devices for line-busting, in-seat dining, vending and increasing speed of service. Integrated with the NCR Aloha restaurant and NCR venue management solutions, our handhelds are used in over 30,000 hospitality venues worldwide.

Benefits include:

Increasing customer convenience

Serve customers wherever they are, providing them with convenient, faster service. Our restaurant handheld POS devices communicate directly with your kitchens, requiring that your servers or concession workers make fewer trips to the kitchen and stay close to customers.


Withstanding the rigors of day-to-day operations

Our handhelds are built specifically for tough hospitality environments. Unlike other consumer handheld devices, such as Smartphones,our handhelds can withstand drops, spills and the rigors of day-to-day operations.

Improving operational efficiency

Our handhelds can accommodate any menu and utilize radio signals to ensure 100% freedom from malfunctions – from kitchen to outdoor seating areas. With a battery life of more than 18 hours, dual processor technology and durable features, your employees can easily take orders, handle payments and print receipts – without leaving the customer’s side.