Disaster Recovery Service

As an entrepreneur, you likely have gone to great lengths to make sure your business has the insurance it needs in case of fire, flood, or theft.

But what about your data?

Your whole operation relies on it, and the minute it is lost, your business will suffer from loss of productivity, income, and clients’ trust.

So how do you effectively protect your company? That’s where Kosh Solutions can help.

Our disaster recovery service is more than implementing data backup tools. We also help you customize an advanced, comprehensive strategy that proactively protects your systems and minimizes the damage from any possible catastrophe, so your business can always get back up to operations fast.

Kosh Solutions’s Disaster Recovery Service gives you:

  • 24/7 data monitoring from certified technicians
  • Automated backups and unlimited, secure cloud-based storage
  • Routine updates for your backup hardware and software
  • Clear-cut processes for your business’s rapid recovery
  • Image-based backups save files as well as system and software settings

Not clear on the level of disaster recovery service your business needs?

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