Government Proficiency

For government agencies, Kosh Solutions supports the development of IT strategies driven by business requirements and overall mission goals. We specialize in operational maintenance, installation, system integration and technical support. Our risk assessment, surveillance and monitoring services have proved to be vastly beneficial for our current governmental centers. If you would like to learn more, please review Kosh Solutions’ capability brief.

What does Kosh Provide?

Kosh Solutions has helped our governmental clients save a considerable amount of time and money while minimizing risk. Our services have been specifically designed to fit your needs and have been implemented in governmental centers of all sizes. Through our KoshIT managed support service, we have brought optimum results to a number of different centers and clients throughout the area.

The features of KoshIT include:

  • System backup
  • Recovery plan
  • Quick response time
  • Network performance assessment
  • Security audits
  • Top-notch help desk support service
  • Collaboration Technology Consulting

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