Understanding Backups & Disaster Recovery – Part 1

Understanding Backups & Disaster Recovery – Part 1

This is the first article in a four-part series about Backups and Disaster Recovery (BDR). The goal of this series is to inform and educate business and organization leaders about the basics of BDR and the realities around this important topic.

This first video explores the difference between Backups and Disaster Recovery.

Checkout our BDR Readiness Quiz to assess your organization's current state.

Part 2: Reality of Disaster Recovery

For a more in-depth look at BDR checkout this thorough article from All Connected:

DRaaS: Misconceptions of Data Backup and Data Recovery

This series comes from a discussion Koert Council had with Alan McDonald and Gavin Zimmer from All Connected. Kosh has partnered with All Connected to deliver enterprise-class BDR to our customers in New Mexico and Southern Colorado.


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