Microsoft Teams And Virtual Meeting Security

Microsoft Teams And Virtual Meeting Security

There are some grim news stories circulating about Zoom meetings being hijacked by anonymous people. When these criminals enter these Zoom meetings, they say or display disturbing content. Here is an article in the Albuquerque Journal that goes into more detail. Be warned that the article covers content that is disturbing.

With so many children using virtual meetings, it's time to understand how to protect against unwanted participants.

Koert Council offers his thoughts about virtual meeting security and why Kosh uses Microsoft Teams.

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Kosh Solutions manages technology for organizations throughout New Mexico, Colorado, and other areas of the Southwest.

Video Transcript

Good afternoon recently we've been getting quite a few requests from our clients asking us for help on setting up remote meetings so people don't have access to hijack those meetings.

My name is Koert Council on I'm a solutions architect with Kosh Solutions, and today I want to give you my best practices on having a successful remote meeting and not being concerned about someone jumping into that meeting, hijacking it and saying or displaying inappropriate content. Uh, the thing to look for in a piece of software when setting up a remote meeting for your clients or for your family, or for anyone that you want to have a remote meeting with is anonymous access.

So anonymous access where anyone can jump in on that meeting, and you want to put
some security behind that. So when you send an invite out to a meeting, you send that little link in the email or text message or whatever. And someone clicks on that link on their phone or on their email and then they have access to the meeting that you set up. You want some security there so that anyone just can't join in um, and some of those controls can be authentication with username and password, or if they click on that link then you being the host can push the button that says, "yes, allow this person into the meeting." What you don't want is the capability of if someone clicks on the link they automatically have access into the meeting without any sort of verification process. That's where we get those inappropriate.

Just those people that jump in on calls or meetings that say inappropriate things or hijack those meetings, and it's awful. If you've ever been on one of those meetings, it's terrible.

We really recommend the Microsoft team solution. Uhm, it's an application built into 365 platform. It's secure, we don't have any problems with it when you send out a request for a meeting, you either have a Microsoft account that you sign in with an authenticate who you are, or you have to push, allow and let that person in and all those settings are set up by default. So it's really streamlined, super easy for the non technical person and it just works.

So, any questions on setting up? Those meetings or anything technology related, feel free to reach out and let us know we can help.

Thank you.

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