It’s not sexy, it’s security patching!

It’s not sexy, it’s security patching!

Patching and Your Business

Ensuring your computers are updated with the latest patches helps make your entire network more secure. Koert Council with Kosh Solutions, says

It's simple. Employees should log out of their computers and leave them on everyday to ensure patches can run during the night.

If you have questions about the connection of technology and your business, reach out with a message or phone call.

Kosh Solutions is a Managed Service Provider serving New Mexico (Las Cruces, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Four Corners), Southern Colorado, and Southern California.


Video Transcript

  • So it's Monday morning you come in after an awesome week
  • 00:09
    boating and hiking and you log in your machine only to find it rebooted over the weekend.
  • 00:16
    What happened to all those files that you had open on Friday? Did
  • 00:20
    they save? Did they not save all those browser tabs that you had?
  • 00:25
    Well, Windows updated and now you have to figure out what you
  • 00:28
    were doing on Friday. My name is Koert Council, I'm a solutions
  • 00:32
    architect with Kosh Solutions and today I'm gonna be talking about
  • 00:36
    patching and updating. It's not exciting, but it's super
  • 00:39
    critical that it gets done. You do not want to be a point of
  • 00:43
    entry for a virus or ransomware to get into the network.
  • 00:47
    If your machine doesn't update, then that entry point could be
  • 00:51
    your machine. You could get compromised and the entire
  • 00:55
    network the entire business could be brought down because
  • 00:58
    you did not update your machine. Updating and patching is super
  • 01:03
    critical. The best way to do this is to just let it
  • 01:08
    happen automatically.
  • 01:10
    Sign out of your machine and leave it on. When you end, work
  • 01:14
    for the day every day, make it a habit. I'm going to say that
  • 01:18
    again. Sign out of your machine and leave your machine on by
  • 01:22
    signing out of your machine. It will force you to close your
  • 01:26
    files. Bookmark your tabs open in your browser and just
  • 01:31
    get it ready to make sure your machine updates and
  • 01:35
    reboots. You don't lose any saved information. Again, my
  • 01:38
    name is Koert Council, I'm with Kosh Solutions. Please reach out
  • 01:42
    if you have any questions on security or updates or
  • 01:45
    anything of the sort we are here to help. Thank you.

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