What is the cloud? Where is the cloud? This 2-minute Video Gets You Up To Speed

What is the cloud? Where is the cloud? This 2-minute Video Gets You Up To Speed

“The cloud,” they whispered. “The cloud,” some shouted. “What the heck is the cloud?” the fool dared to ask.

Koert Council of Kosh Solutions explains what the cloud is and how it applies to your business.  Perhaps the number one reason to move to the cloud is that your company's data is available independent of location and device. That means if you set your laptop on the roof of your car and drive off (Koert has managed to do this twice), your computer may be irreparable but your data is safe and sound in the cloud. To be up and running again, all it would take is getting a new computer and logging into your cloud account.

Without a doubt, the cloud is the path to the modern workplace - any device, anytime, anywhere.

Video transcript

Good afternoon, hope everyone is having a good day. Just wanted to have a quick conversation on the cloud. I've had a lot of questions from customers asking me if I store my data in the cloud. Is it secure? Where is it stored? All those type of questions. So since we're talking about the cloud, figured I'd throw a fun little background on here.
And put myself in the cloud. But regarding the cloud. This is my take on it, uh, in my definition of it, in really layman's terms, is when you store something on the cloud. Are you doing is storing it? On hardware or a hard drive that someone else manage is you have no clue where it's stored. Super easy, Super Simple. You don't pay for that storage you don't pay for the Internet connect connection to it, or any of that stuff that's included in the subscription that you play for that cloud service. The idea from a business perspective on why you want to store your information in the cloud is someone walks with your server. Your laptop falls off the roof of your car. Is toast. I did that twice. Doesn't really matter. Uh, you just spin up a new machine an you download your information from the cloud and it's there for you. So my take on the cloud you have any questions let me know.

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