Three Reasons To Implement A Remote Work Policy This Year

Three Reasons To Implement A Remote Work Policy This Year

December’s holiday cheer and festivities can make employees long for more time with their loved ones. With remote work, their wish can be granted.

Remote work is a setup that allows employees to work from any location with the help of cloud technology. Before, information and critical business programs were stored in machines on-site, making it necessary for employees to be physically present at the office to work. But as cloud services got more affordable and accessible, businesses started migrating workflows to the cloud. With information becoming more accessible from anywhere, remote work became possible.

This new way of doing work allows for better work-life balance that results in a happier, more productive workforce. But employee satisfaction is just one of the many reasons why you should consider remote work for your business. Here are three other compelling arguments.

Cost savings

With employees working off-site, you will need to power on fewer devices, appliances, and lights, allowing you to save on utility costs. You can also rent smaller spaces — or even do away with a physical office completely. Virtual law firms, book shops, and travel agencies already exist, proving that you can do business without an office.

To add, remote work lessens the need to regularly purchase, maintain, and upgrade hardware because you can use the cloud as a storage facility instead. Employees can also use their own devices when working off-site, further reducing expenditure on technology. According to experts, remote work can save a business up to $22,000 per remote worker per year.

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Higher productivity

A research by Harvard Business School showed that workers’ productivity rose by 4.4% after transitioning from an office to a remote work setup. This can be attributed in part to location flexibility, or the ability to choose a remote workplace. People have different ideal working setups: some like to work in silence, while some prefer to have coffeehouse chatter in the background. Regardless of where employees prefer to work, a remote work policy allows them to do their tasks in an environment that enables them to concentrate more deeply and become productive.

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Remote working also hones employee autonomy and time management. Employees have full control of their pace, resulting in higher work engagement and better productivity. As long as there are metrics in place that baselines what a remote worker should achieve, employers shouldn’t be worried about underperformance.

It’s quickly becoming the norm

Perhaps the biggest reason you should consider formally implementing remote work is that you’re already doing it, even if you aren’t aware that you are. Employees take work outside of the office all the time: they check and reply to emails when they’re at home; they answer calls beyond their shifts; or they work on projects or reports on weekends to meet deadlines.

What’s more, remote work is already a reality for the majority: 66% of companies already do it, with 16% of them allowing fully remote work. It's time to face that it’s not just a trend, but a viable option that’s here to stay. By 2025, it is predicted that around 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least five days a month.

Empower remote work with Office 365

A team working from different places may feel disconnected from each other. Keep everyone connected with Microsoft Office 365, which combines the apps you’re familiar with and cloud computing solutions like Exchange and SharePoint in a single subscription service. These powerful tools help you to effectively communicate, collaborate, and stay up to date no matter where your business takes you.

If you’re thinking of adopting remote work, we at Kosh Solutions got you covered. We offer scalable, tailor-made, mobile, and cost-efficient Office 365 plans that will address your specific business needs. Call us at 505-796-5988 or email us at to find out more.

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