What can Office 365 do for small- to medium-sized businesses?

What can Office 365 do for small- to medium-sized businesses?

With over 120 million corporate users, Microsoft Office 365 is one of the top productivity suites out there today. Compared to Office 2016 though, Office 365 operates on a monthly subscription plan. Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) benefit from this payment model since it lets them leverage Office without having to pay the traditionally steep upfront lifetime licensing fees.

Microsoft has recently begun to market their premium productivity suite to SMBs through different promos. One of these enticement methods targeted companies with over 50 employees, allowing them to make use of the FastTrack service (this will help SMBs quickly transition to utilizing Office 365 with minimal downtime).

A lot of features offered in Office 365 are not instantly available via on-premise solutions, or those applications or technologies in an office instead of the cloud. Regardless of how many incentives Microsoft will offer your enterprise, it’s a good idea for you to see the significance of Office 365, and what it can do to make doing business easier.

The ability to work remotely at any time

Office 365 lets your staff work anywhere, anytime. This benefits your firm in the following ways:

  1. Employees can work off-hours when needed
  2. Individual staff to entire teams can be deployed to work outside of the main office
  3. Your operational costs will go down since your workforce won’t have to go to your workplace all the time to utilize your on-site infrastructure.

The power to share applications

Another powerful aspect of Office 365 is the ability to share productivity applications with other users. If your employees are working remotely, it’s important to share documents with them in real time if you need their input.

The more you get your workforce to collaborate on vital projects, the better chances your company has to get ahead of the competition.

The advantage of enhanced marketing tools

Microsoft’s productivity suite offers simple and customizable marketing templates. Once you are able to reach new leads, your company can send correspondences using Office 365’s instant messaging and email applications. The suite also includes comprehensive social networking tools for nurturing new client relationships.

Greater storage capacity

Each Office 365 user gets 1TB of secure cloud storage space for keeping critical business files. Why would you need more storage space?

  1. You're producing more data than ever before.
  2. The average file size is increasing.
  3. You're tracking more data points to inform your business decisions

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