Does your SMB need a hardware or software firewall?

Does your SMB need a hardware or software firewall?

Whether you own a Fortune 500 enterprise or a small- to medium-sized business (SMB), you need a firewall. Firewalls are the primary line of defense against cybercriminals, acting as virtual shields between your office equipment and possible threats from the World Wide Web. Think of them like airport security guards who will examine the contents of your bag before allowing you to go in. Firewalls are designed to block suspicious data from your network while permitting safe data in.

Although countless vendors and blogs will tell you a hardware firewall isn't necessary, our years of experience providing managed IT services say otherwise. A hardware firewall is a physical device, usually packaged with some basic software. It's fairly unobtrusive and a gigantic step up in cybersecurity.

On the other hand, software firewalls are applications installed on individual devices, making them more suitable for people who use personal computers at home. Software firewalls are usually combined with web filtering, privacy controls, and other security features for maximum efficiency.

Why are so many SMBs hesitant to invest in a firewall?

The following concerns would explain why small companies hold off on investing in a firewall:

    Their business is “low-risk.” Some business owners think hackers aren’t interested in their sensitive data because they believe it's insignificant, but cybercriminals will not discriminate. They will try to break into any network, big or small, just to collect or destroy data. In fact, the percentage of cyberattacks that have gone after SMBs has increased each year.

    Your company thinks firewalls are too expensive. Hardware firewalls that are installed and supported by MSPs are not cheap, but they do pay for themselves by preventing costly data breaches and company downtime.

    Your business already has a basic, free software firewall. Hackers are getting smarter. Conventional or outdated cybersecurity solutions made it easy for ransomware such as Wannacry to infect more than 200,000 workplaces around the world within a week of its release through phishing scams.

Is a hardware firewall best for your company?

Definitely. A hardware firewall is a valuable frontline defense against hackers and their malicious tools. Unlike a software firewall, this device offers tougher protection, operates 24/7, and is a breeze to install. Without a hardware component to your firewall, your office network is basically opening its doors and data to cybercriminals.

Software firewalls guard individual systems by cutting off possible cyber threats that have already infiltrated your network, while hardware firewalls make sure that malicious code does not breach your network. Since this is the case, the wisest option is investing in both hardware and software firewalls.

Have an MSP strengthen your cybersecurity

Firewalls provide a solid base for the security of your network, but they won't be able to keep away every threat. Each company has unique needs, and with the help of a reputable MSP, you'll be able to thwart security threats like a Fortune 500.

If you believe that your SMB is prone to cyberattacks, the IT experts at Kosh Solutions will assist you in finding out how malware has infiltrated your network. We will reinforce your defenses by supplying the latest cybersecurity tools and managing your IT infrastructure, while you enjoy peace of mind and plenty of time to focus on your business.

Kosh Solutions provides expertise, proven methods, and sophisticated technologies to help your organization meet its goals while maintaining its equipment. We offer managed IT services, including innovative cloud services like Office 365 and cybersecurity best practices. Get in touch with us today to receive a free eBook and security assessment.

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